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access to care, aging, HIV, suburban community, transportation



  1. Manis, Derek MHSc


Abstract: HIV has been examined in urban and rural contexts, but the suburban gradient has not been sufficiently described, despite the fact that many Canadians live in suburbia. Using qualitative description, we investigated how people living with HIV in a suburban community in Ontario, Canada, accessed health care and social services. Posters at the regional AIDS Service Organization and snowball sampling were used to recruit and interview 13 adult participants with various experiences and perspectives. A content analysis identified three meta-themes in the interviews: (a) transportation cost and time: barriers to access, (b) isolation, and (c) defective primary care: unmet and deflected needs. The findings have implications for the (a) development of community-based groups, (b) the role of transportation in health care and social services utilization, (c) community-based, interprofessional health and social care services, and (d) aging with HIV.