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communication, HIV, needs assessment, question prompt list



  1. Kim, Gwang Suk PhD, RN
  2. Choi, Jae-Phil MD
  3. Yi, Jeong Min MSN, RN


Abstract: A question prompt list (QPL) is an efficient method to facilitate patient active participation and communication by providing patients with questions to ask their health care providers. We developed a QPL based on the information needs of patients living with HIV in Korea. A mixed method study design was used, involving five sequential steps: literature review, focus group interview with experienced nurses, in-depth interviews with patients, expert reviews, and a survey of 170 patients. A QPL with 27 questions was developed through literature reviews and expert reviews, and 12 questions were identified based on the Borich needs assessment model. Questions included items regarding diagnosis and prognosis, medication, depressive symptoms, sexual relationships, and family and social life. Our findings suggest that a QPL should be used as a tool to encourage effective communication for patients living with HIV.