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HIV health care transition, HIV transition readiness assessment, Transition Readiness Assessment Questionnaire, transition tools



  1. Jones, Sandra C. DNP, APN, CPNP


Abstract: Because of effective treatment and prolonged survival, thousands of young adult people living with HIV will need to transfer their health care to adult care providers. However, many lack basic essential skills and are not prepared for this transition. Many providers do not assess transition readiness on a regular basis. Validated transition readiness assessment tools can help providers guide interventions based on identified skill and knowledge deficits. Our purpose was to describe the impact of incorporating a validated Transition Readiness Assessment Questionnaire (TRAQ) into clinical practice. A retrospective chart review of 48 patients with HIV, ages 22-24 years, showed that the use of the TRAQ significantly affected provider interventions in the area of medication management (odds ratio: 0.02). Overall, the use of the TRAQ did not increase clinical interventions; however, it enabled providers to identify knowledge or skill deficits not previously addressed and to plan future clinical interventions to meet individual patient needs.