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  1. Knollman-Porter, Kelly
  2. Thaxton, Sarah
  3. Hughes, Michael R.
  4. Constantinidou, Fofi


Purpose: We examined patterns in mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) management and recovery exhibited by male and female athletes over the 19-year history of a Division 1 University Concussion Management Program.


Methods: We examined 234 diagnosed mTBIs and compared time required to return to baseline on neurocognitive and self-report symptom measures for male and female athletes.


Results: Males and females sustained 63.3% and 36.7% of mTBI, respectively. Athletes required on average 11.89 days to return to baseline on neurocognitive assessments and 11.83 days to report being symptom-free. There was a significant difference in the number of days until genders were symptom-free, with males and females requiring on average 10.11 days and 14.30 days, respectively.


Discussion: More collegiate athletes received pre- and post-mTBI management than in the past. There is a continued need to examine patterns of neurocognitive and symptom recovery, which may lead to earlier detection of athletes at risk for persistent post-mTBI symptoms.