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  1. Brown, Jessica
  2. Knollman-Porter, Kelly


Purpose: We sought to document the cognitive-linguistic challenges experienced by 3 adults with concussion at varying lengths postinjury.


Method: A multiple case study design utilized motivational interviewing techniques, 4 self-report measurement tools, and 5 standardized neurocognitive tests. The 1 female and 2 male participants were 1, 21, and 37 months postconcussion.


Results: All participants self-reported cognitive and linguistic challenges significantly impacting daily functioning and quality of life. Cognitively, participants demonstrated deficits in independence, metacognition, and cognitive flexibility. Linguistically, participants demonstrated deficits in verbal memory, verbal fluency, and reading. The participant 1-month postconcussion demonstrated deficits on multiple standardized measures; however, participants in the chronic phase of recovery demonstrated substantially more self-reported deficits than were noted on standardized testing.


Discussion: Evaluation of cognitive-linguistic deficits postconcussion requires both self-report and standardized measurement; however, limitations of both tools exist. We discuss clinical implications for professionals selecting testing measures for use in this population.