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  1. Kesanen, Jukka
  2. Leino-Kilpi, Helena
  3. Lund, Teija
  4. Montin, Liisa
  5. Puukka, Pauli
  6. Valkeapaa, Kirsi


BACKGROUND: Spine surgery patients have difficulty comprehending the patient education aimed at preparing for surgery.


PURPOSE: To assess the effect of a specific preoperative education approach (Knowledge Test Feedback Intervention, KTFI) on patients' verbal and visual understanding of their surgery.


METHODS: In this randomized controlled trial, the intervention group (n = 50) went through the KTFI and routine education, whereas the control group (n = 50) received only routine patient education. Written description of the surgical procedure and drawing of incision were used as outcome measures at baseline, at hospitalization, at discharge, and 3 and 6 months after surgery.


RESULTS: At baseline, half of the participants showed verbal and visual understanding of their surgery. During follow-up, understanding improved significantly with no statistically significant differences between the groups.


CONCLUSION: Spinal stenosis patients' understanding of their surgical procedure is imperfect. Patient educators need to ensure patient learning by evaluating comprehension outcomes.