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  1. Alejandro, Josefina Inoturan DNP, RN
  2. Pleasants, Elizabeth A. RN
  3. Shookhoff, Mary Lou BSN

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Thankful for the publishing opportunity

The May issue of Nursing2018 gave me a most delightful surprise. As I read through it, I zeroed in on the Nurses Week tribute, looked at the byline and saw my name ("Nurses Week Tribute: What a Patient Taught Me about Nursing"). Thank you for the encouragement to write and publish. Featuring my article as a Nurses Week tribute was an honor. I hope the other articles I've published in Nursing in recent years have inspired other nurses in their quest for excellence in patient care.

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Too much for a nursing student?

A recent article described the experience of a nursing student who cared for a patient who'd just delivered a stillborn baby ("Shouldering a Patient's Pain," Student Voices, January 2018). I was dismayed to think any nursing instructor would assign an inexperienced student to a patient who'd tragically delivered a premature stillborn. A student should experience the normal birthing experience as a beginner and learn firsthand how to care for patients whose pregnancies and deliveries were uncomplicated. The assignments can become more complex with experience.


I've been a reader of your fine journal since 1974 and consider it to be the best nursing journal around. Keep up the good work.






Key to solving the opioid crisis

As both an RN and someone who's suffered from severe chronic pain for nearly 2 decades, I feel that the individuals who are most qualified to manage chronic pain and to help end this crisis are rarely, if ever, mentioned. I'm speaking about board-certified pain specialists. Rescinding the authority of physician assistants, NPs, and physicians who aren't board-certified in pain management to refill opioid medications should be a first step in ending the widespread abuse of opioids. Perhaps Nursing could publish an article about board-certified pain specialists and how they can help end this crisis.