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  1. Tovaruela-Carrion, Natalia PhD, DP, MSc


Purpose: The aim of this descriptive study was to determine whether people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) wear adequately fitting footwear.


Design: This observational study was carried out in a health center between January and December 2014 in the state of A Coruna, Spain.


Method: A total of 166 patients (47 men, 119 women) completed all stages of the research process. A validated Brannock Device was used to record foot and shoe length and width.


Findings: Only 64 (38.55%) participants wore shoes that met the needs and requirements of their feet, and 98 (59.03%) participants wore the incorrect shoe size, at least in one foot.


Conclusions: Many patients with RA often wear shoes that are too narrow for their foot. Assessing the proper footwear fit is an important part of the clinical foot examination.


Clinical Relevance: Early detection of inappropriate shoe size in patients with RA allows rehabilitation nurses to optimize foot health.