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  1. McCrea, Mary Anne RN, MS, ACHE
  2. Atkinson, Mark RN, BA
  3. Bloom, Toni RN, ADN
  4. Merkh, Kristen RN, BSN, OCN
  5. Najera, Irma L. RN, AA
  6. Smith, Cathleen RN, ADN


In response to turbulent times within health care, many organizations are attempting to recreate their organizations. They are refocusing the workforce on the patient and family. One health care system in California and Texas has developed a professional practice model focused on the healing relationship between nurse and patient. St. Joseph Health System (SJHS), A Ministry of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange, has developed a model that is employed by all system entities as the infrastructure for development of Centers of Excellence. The purpose of this article is not to share the journey and development of the model, but rather to present a context for sharing the personal stories of nurses delivering care in a relationship model. The SJHS Journey to Centers of Excellence has the fundamental cornerstone of caring relationships within the vision and the caring model.