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  1. Guzman, Yvonne RN

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I've encountered the type of conduct described in "Negative Behaviors in Nursing" (Professional Development, March) in my 32-bed pediatric medical-surgical unit. The turnover rate is unbelievably high, as can be the acuity of our patients. Like other institutions, ours is experiencing a staffing shortage.


I've always been amazed that the negative behavior of just a few colleagues can set the tone for an entire shift and affect staff morale. The AJN article taught me that several factors typically lead to such behavior; for example, our workplace consists primarily of women, who are more likely than men to remain silent in the face of conflict. I, too, am guilty of this.


We have discussed the occurrence of negative behavior on my unit. The manager, my colleagues, and I hope, by implementing some of the interventions suggested, to foster a more positive attitude in the workplace, leading to a more caring and supportive environment respectful of everyone's contributions to health care.


Yvonne Guzman, RN