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  1. Farley-Toombs, Carole MS, CNS, RN

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The focus on mental health in AJN Reports (August) was welcome and timely. I would, however, like to correct a statement about Strong Memorial Hospital, University of Rochester Medical Center, which was attributed to me: "ED volume has risen 30% . . . at times they have opened their trauma center to absorb the overflow of psychiatric patients from the ED." I said, actually, that Strong Memorial Hospital had responded to the psychiatric needs of the community by quadrupling the space allotted to the comprehensive psychiatric ED when we designed the new trauma center, which is now operational. We've also increased capacity and completed significant upgrades of our inpatient units.


In light of national trends, this commitment to mental health care by a large academic medical center is notable.


Carole Farley-Toombs, MS, CNS, RN