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In "Not So Fast!" by Amy M. Karch and Fred E. Karch (Practice Errors, August), potassium chloride was erroneously included in the list on page 71 of "examples of drugs administered by iv push that have guidelines for administration." The relative rate of administration of this medication is slower than that which is conventionally considered to be iv push. Moreover, the article failed to mention that potassium chloride must be diluted before being administered. Please see the letter on page 14 for more details.


On page 34 of "Airway Management" by Mary Jagim (Emergency, October), the article mistakenly states that succinylcholine can cause malignant hypothermia. It should say that the drug could cause malignant hyperthermia.


In "Topical Local Anesthetics" by Donna Wong (Pain Control, June), the callout on page 44 states: "The authors concluded that ELA-Max without occlusive dressing for 30 minutes was as effective as EMLA with occlusive dressing for 60 minutes." This finding was only one in a study in which the researchers concluded that there were no differences in self-rated pain scores among children randomly assigned to receive either topical anesthetic for 30 or 60 minutes with and without occlusive dressings, making the two drugs comparable in efficacy.