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AGING PATIENTS and their families and caregivers will be looking for practical advice and support to help them navigate the health challenges in the years to come. Let them know about these online resources, which include healthy lifestyle tips.


AARP Staying Sharp


This source, part of AARP's online presence, promotes brain health for the aging through these five pillars: move, discover, relax, nourish, and connect. Staying Sharp offers a brain health assessment tool that sends users personalized recommendations to maintain a healthy brain. The site contains evidence-based activities, exercises, recipes, and more. The information is free for AARP members and nonmembers.


Administration on Aging


This government agency's mission is to educate older adults and their caregivers about the benefits and resources available to them. The site contains information on financial benefits, including retirement resources, available grants and loans, and Social Security benefits. Visitors will also find a wealth of health-related information, such as Medicare and Medicaid qualifications, vaccination recommendations, and a hospital locator.


Eldercare Locator


Eldercare Locator connects older adults and their families and caregivers to a wealth of support resources, including services for elder abuse prevention, health insurance, healthy aging, in-home services, and more. To search, select either a specific topic or enter the patient's city, state, or ZIP code. Additional tools and resources at the bottom of the web page include informational brochures and federal websites.


National Institute on Aging


The National Institutes of Health's dedicated online resource for the aging includes downloadable handouts and FAQs on topics such as Alzheimer disease, caregiving, disability, end-of-life care, and more. Visitors can use the "Talking with your Doctor" toolkit to prepare for an appointment with a healthcare provider. Information is also available in Spanish.