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Stroke, older adults, mobility



  1. Radajewska, Alina PhD, PT


Purpose: The aim of this study was to determine the effectiveness of mirror therapy (MT) combined with comprehensive treatment and to investigate the possible relationships of functional state.


Design: Prospective, controlled trial of 60 stroke inpatients.


Methods: The Functional Index "Repty" (FIR) was an outcome measure to assess changes of independence in daily activities. The Frenchay Arm Test (FAT) and Motor Status Score were outcome measures to assess changes in hand function.


Findings: The analysis of pre- and posttest data indicated a significant improvement in hand function ([INCREMENT]FAT in the Mirror group p = .035, N = 30). Age factor indicated a significant change in relation to FIR outcome ([INCREMENT]FIR in the Mirror group p = .005, N = 30 and [INCREMENT]FIR in the Mirror group [left hand paresis] p = .037, N = 15).


Conclusions: Additional MT influenced improvement in hand function. The age is significant in terms of functional state. The older adults are likely to benefit from MT.


Clinical Relevance: A positive impact of combining MT with other treatment was indicated.