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concept analysis, nursing diagnosis, substance withdrawal syndrome



  1. Dandliker, This BScN, RN
  2. Kolbe, Nina MScN, BScN, RN


Abstract: This study explored the concept of withdrawal phenomena from the perspective of nurses, with the aim of developing a nursing diagnosis. Concept analysis was used as the framework of the study, a systematized review was conducted to identify relevant studies, and interpretation was based on qualitative content analysis. Specifying aspects, defining characteristics, related factors, and risk factors were extracted and classified into categories. Thirteen studies were identified as a basis for the construction of two nursing diagnoses: "withdrawal phenomena" and "risk of withdrawal complications." The proposed nursing diagnoses require further discussion. The NANDA International Diagnosis Development Committee was asked to examine the proposed diagnoses. However, it was too early to determine implications for nursing practice based on the results of this study.