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  1. George, Vicki RN, PhD
  2. Burke, Laura J. RN, PhD, FAAN
  3. Rodgers, Beth RN, PhD
  4. Duthie, Nancy RN, BSN
  5. Hoffmann, Mary Lou RN, MS
  6. Koceja, Vicki RN, MSN
  7. Kramer, Alice RN, MS
  8. Maro, Joan RN, BSN
  9. Minzlaff, Pam RN, BSN
  10. Pelczynski, Sandi RN, MS
  11. Schmidt, Mary RN, MSN
  12. Westen, Bev RN, MS
  13. Zielke, Jomarie RN, MSN
  14. Brukwitzki, Genee RN, MSN
  15. Gehring, Linda L. MS, RNCS


Mutual trust between the Chief Nurse Executive (CNE) and a regional nursing staff enabled the creation of a shared vision of excellence in clinical outcomes in Aurora Health Care-Metro Region, an organized care delivery system in Eastern Wisconsin. Motivation, leadership skill development, and a responsive environment to develop self-efficacy related to staff nurses' leadership behavior use have been provided to the clinical nursing staff since 1995. This article describes the conceptual model of shared leadership development and summarizes the findings from a research program that demonstrated that implementation of a shared leadership concepts program in an organized delivery system increased staff use of leadership behaviors, professional nursing practice autonomy, and improved patient outcomes.