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  1. Haycock, Camille MS, APRN, NEA-BC
  2. Curry, Deanna MS, RN
  3. Sevilla, Xavier MD, MBA, FAAP


Providing person-centered care is a fundamental value and guiding philosophy for all health care delivery across Catholic Health Initiatives. Exceptional service excellence with every patient and family encounter is one way in which this value is demonstrated. The consequences of treating every person with dignity, respect, and a positive attitude can have real benefit on clinical outcomes, individual healing, health system reputation, and financial incentives. In our changing health care landscape, there are now financial motivations to improve patient satisfaction. In addition, a connection can be drawn between our relationships with patients, their experience with an organization, and the subsequent philanthropic and charitable donation to that organization. This article describes one health care system's journey toward improved patient experience through service excellence infrastructure, standard processes, and expected service behaviors.