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Many great sources are available to research the latest guidelines for medical device safety. The links below are just some examples.





The FDA's website has an entire section dedicated to medical devices, including a link to a section on medical device safety. This link provides information on medical device recalls, safety communications, medical device reporting, and emergency medical devices.


ECRI Institute



ECRI Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to researching best practices in healthcare for safety, quality, and cost-effectiveness. Its website has a section on medical device safety resources and information on such topics as preventing misconnections of lines and cables, sharps safety, and needlestick prevention. ECRI Institute also has a database of its own independent research of medical device safety reports.


World Health Organization



This website has a page about medical device regulations with links to medical device safety publications such as "Medical device regulations: Global overview and guiding principles." All publications are free to download.


Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society



This portion of the HIMSS website focuses on medical device and patient safety. Its goal is to "leverage medical device technology to positively impact patient safety." The resources library offers links to a medical device meaningful use matrix, medical devices quick start guide, systems risk analysis guide, and more. All of these sources are free to download.