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Cancer, Family stress, Uncertainty, Father, Anxiety



  1. Mu, Pei-Fan PhD, RN
  2. Ma, Fung-Chi PhD, RN
  3. Hwang, Betau MD
  4. Chao, Yu-Mei PhD, RN


By using the contextual model of family stress, this study examined fathers' family stress experience when caring for a child receiving cancer treatments. A descriptive correlational study was designed to examine the relationships between fathers' uncertainty, sense of mastery, and anxiety. Eighty fathers were recruited from two teaching hospitals in Taiwan. A pilot study was conducted to establish the reliability and validity of the Chinese language version of the above instruments. These instruments showed an acceptable internal consistency and satisfactory construct validity. Results showed that fathers' level of education had a significant effect on paternal anxiety. Uncertainty and fathers' education level equal to or higher than university are good predictors of paternal anxiety, which explain 25% of the variance. The results provide insight into the paternal experience of family stress and suggest ways to improve family-centered nursing interventions and thereby establish better family well-being.