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  1. Farris, Cindy MSN, MPH, BSN, CNE

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Advancing Care Excellence for Seniors (ACES) is a grant-funded site designed mostly to assist in gerontological nursing education for undergraduate nursing program; however, the site has multiple resources that could assist home health and hospice nurses with continuing and remediation education (National League of Nursing [NLN], 2011). The ACES project addresses the complexity of decision making about care for older adults in a variety of home, institutional, and community-based settings (NLN, 2011). As the older population increases, more emphasis should be placed on providing patient-centered care for the adult client.


The acronym ACES has essential nursing actions that incorporate several aspects of the nursing process. The A encompasses assessing functions and activity. The C relates to coordination and managing care. The E notes using evolving care whereas the S means make situational decisions (NLN, 2011).


The ACES Web site is located at http://www.nln.org/facultyprograms/facultyresources/ACES/index.htm. The goal of the project is to advance the care of older adults through innovations in nursing education. The site contains four unfolding case studies that include home healthcare, post-hospital discharge, death, and admission to the hospital. There are also completed simulations with tool kits and chart components to assist in presenting the case study. Each case has a transcript and audio file to introduce the adult patient. Additional teaching resources and ACES workshops are available to assist with further instructions.


The ACES project encompasses beliefs regarding the complexity, individualized aging, and life transitions (NLN, 2011). Easily, these unfolding case studies could be used for all aspects of nursing education from novice to expert and in multiple arenas.




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