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  1. George, Vicki PhD, RN, FAAN
  2. Lovering, Sandy DHSc, RN


This article explores the concept of the chief nursing officer's (CNO's) role in explaining and supporting the context of nursing for nurse administrator education and training in future decades. The role of the nurse leader in an organized setting is to provide the context for nursing as a discipline and well as the resource allocation for the content of nursing. Little has been written or researched about the role in support of the context for nursing. A case example from an international organization in Saudi Arabia will be explained and examined in the hopes that future researchers will explore the universality of the applied education for CNOs across the globe. The application of shared governance as a structure for the clinical discipline is explained with comparison outcomes of US Magnet recognition hospitals. In addition, the application of a professional practice model that includes a unique theory-based model of care focusing on the Muslim patient is explained to give further context to the nursing practice of cultural competence. This case example reinforces the importance of the role of the CNO to help focus the discipline of nursing on cultural competence, and a theory-based approach to the practice of nursing that should be applied in organizations where nursing is practiced.