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Still haunted by an error

Don't Abandon the Second Victims of Medication Errors" (February, 2012)* brought back some nightmares. Six years ago, while mentoring a senior nursing student, I was involved in an error that caused a patient to go into respiratory arrest. A code was called and he was successfully resuscitated. I was embarrassed and frightened. Over the next 4 weeks, I was removed from the work schedule, had to complete a medication inservice through my state board, and was cut off from all staff. I had to beg human resources for the employee psychiatric services I was entitled to. I did get to visit my patient and explain what happened. He actually forgave me.

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Then, after being on staff at this facility for 30 years, I was let go. I asked for a meeting with my manager and the human resources manager to ask why-this was my first medication error in 30 years. The reasons given to me were that I embarrassed the facility in light of the nursing student I was mentoring, and I'd probably set the facility up for a lawsuit from the patient and family. There was never a lawsuit.


I'm now working again but not in that healthcare system. I still have nightmares and worry about the patient.


Keep personal information personal

I just read the article "Huddling for Optimal Care Outcomes" (December, 2011).* The author suggests choosing a central location, such as outside of the nurses' station, for team huddles. I think this location risks breaching patient confidentiality. Visitors, patients, and healthcare professionals who aren't on a "need to know" basis may inadvertently overhear confidential information about the patient.

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As an RN, I've seen medical data left on computer screens because a nurse or physician didn't minimize or close the file. When I was recently in the hospital as a patient, I saw several medical records lying open with names, Social Security numbers, and diagnoses on display for all to see.


Let's all work together to keep personal information personal.


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