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Recommended Nursing CE 

View our list of recommended nursing CE courses. Continuing education is the best way to stay current and remain eligible for recertification and promotion.

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Aquatic Exercise Program for Individuals With Osteoarthritis: Pain, Stiffness, Physical Function, Self-Efficacy
Rehabilitation Nursing Journal, September/October 2019
Expires: 9/3/2021 CE:1 $12.50

Are Sexually Transmitted Infection/HIV Behavioral Interventions for Women of Color Culturally Grounded? A Review of the Literature
Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care, September/October 2019
Expires: 9/3/2021 CE:1.5 $17.95

Discharge Processes: What Evidence Tells Us Is Most Effective
Orthopaedic Nursing, September/October 2019
Expires: 9/3/2021 CE:1 $10.00

Focus on pharmacotherapy for depression
Nursing2019, December 2019
Expires: 12/3/2021 CE:1.5 $17.95

Heart disease prevention in women: The NP's role
The Nurse Practitioner, October 2019
Expires: 9/3/2021 CE:1 $17.95

Infection in Acute Care: Evidence for Practice
AJN, American Journal of Nursing, October 2019
Expires: 9/3/2021 CE:1.5 $17.95

Management of alcohol-induced peripheral neuropathy
Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!, November/December 2019
Expires: 9/3/2021 CE:1 $12.95

Nutrition knowledge, attitudes, and self-regulation as predictors of overweight and obesity
Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, September 2019
Expires: 9/1/2020 CE:1 $12.95

Systolic Heart Failure: An Update for Home Healthcare Clinicians
Home Healthcare Now, November/December 2019
Expires: 12/3/2021 CE:1.5 $17.95

The emergency, trauma, and transport nursing workforce: Highlights of a benchmark 2019 survey
Nursing Management, December 2019
Expires: 12/3/2021 CE:1 $12.95