Recommended Nursing CE 

View our list of recommended nursing CE courses. Continuing education is the best way to stay current and remain eligible for recertification and promotion.

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Acquired autoimmune thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura
Nursing2019, January 2019
Expires: 12/4/2020 CE:1.5 $17.95

Addressing Food Insecurity in Vulnerable Populations
AJN, American Journal of Nursing, January 2019
Expires: 12/4/2020 CE:1 $12.95

An Introduction to Burn Care
Advances in Skin & Wound Care: The Journal for Prevention and Healing, January 2019
Expires: 12/4/2020 CE:1.5 $17.95

Are genetics/genomics competencies essential for all clinical nurses?
Nursing Management, January 2019
Expires: 12/3/2021 CE:1 $12.95

Child Sexual Abuse Perpetrators: What Forensic Nurses Need to Know
Journal of Forensic Nursing , October/December 2018
Expires: 12/4/2020 CE:1.5 $17.95

Healthcare Provider Advice to Engage in Walking Regimens and Adherence in Women With Fibromyalgia
Rehabilitation Nursing Journal, January/February 2019
Expires: 12/4/2020 CE:1 $12.50

Managing dyslipidemia for CVD prevention: A review of recent clinical practice guidelines
The Nurse Practitioner, January 2019
Expires: 12/4/2020 CE:1.5 $17.95

Promoting Skin Care for Older Adults
Home Healthcare Now, January/February2019
Expires: 12/4/2020 CE:1 $12.95

The one-minute preceptor model: A systematic review
Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, January 2019
Expires: 1/1/2020 CE:1.25 $12.95

Treating Chronic Nonmalignant Pain: Evidence and Faith-Based Approaches
Journal of Christian Nursing, January/March 2019
Expires: 3/5/2021 CE:1.5 $17.95